Interesting places to visit in Amritsar Part II

Amritsar Townhall Partition Museum

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Following my previous post, Amritsar Part I, this post continue to explore amazing Amritsar places in North India.

6. Townhall, Partition Museum

With years of historical significant, the Partition Museum is filled with historical documents of the largest migration of human history in 1947. It tells the story of the hardship, sacrifice and tragedy of those affected, and millions who lost their home and loved ones at that time. The 14 galleries and exhibitions include photographs, newspaper clippings and other objects that contribute to the insights of the story of India’s freedom.

7. Sri Ram Tirath Temple (Bhagwan Valmiki Tirath Sthal)

A Temple West of Amritsar, situated on the outskirts. The temples the birthplace of Lav and Kush (Son’s of Lord Roma), a sacred place for Hindus. A peaceful place surrounded by a large lake, built with yellow marble stone and spectacular architecture.

8. Gobindgarh Fort

Gobindgarh fort is one of the oldest surviving forts in the city. Recently transformed into a unique live museum of Punjab’s history and now open to public, within the last year (from 10 February 2017). Be entertained during the day with live performances from Punjab with musicians and dancers. Then explore and experience the live shows, arts and culture, and don’t miss the 7D show. Be transported in the immersive 7D show takes you through the journey of the past on the history of Ranjeet Singh, the King of Punjab.

At night, the fort is illuminated with dazzling lights…If you stay till the evening ensure you watch the Kanda Boldyiyan Ne (whispering walls) show, on the story of Gobindgarh. An amazing show of sound and light show.

Timing: 10am to 10pm

9. Sadda Pind

Flavours. Celebration. Culture.

Sadda Pind is where you can explore and experience the traditions and culture of Punjab. A lovely experience of various cuisines, crafts and culture. A Punjab Village resort, all in one place transports you to a place filled with bright and vibrant mud houses, lively entertainment, see how naan is made, try henna art, and much more. See the beautiful arts and crafts and understand the skills and process behind each art.

Don’t leave without tasting the amazing food. Located on the outskirts of Amritsar on Attari border road. Come during the day and night for an unforgettable experience. Lively and colourful during the day and transitions into beautiful lights, colours, celebrations and dance at night.

10. War Memorial Amritsar

A long recorded history, the War Memorial Amritsar depicts the sacrifices and heroic deeds from the past. There are 9 galleries to explore. At the central visa, there is a 45 meter high Sword installed.

Amritsar the Golden Temple

More about Amritsar – When is the best time to visit?

With every season you’ll be able to experience something different. The seasonal variations to consider before you travel are winter, summer and monsoon.

November to March (Winter)

The best and most ideal time to visit to explore the various sights to avoid the heat of summer. You may experience the extremes of chilly winters, dropping as cold as 4 degrees celsius in the evenings.

April to June (Summer)

The extremes of the summer months can bring the heat to as high as 49 degrees celsius before the showers of the monsoon season.

July to October (Monsoon)

Mostly pleasant weather of mild to heavy rain during these months after the heat of summer.

Filled with rich culture and amazing food, be sure to add Amritsar to your list! Check Part I

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