Discover hidden Instagram hot spots in Hong Kong

Choi Hung Estate, Hong Kong

Looking for inspirational instagram spots? Hong Kong a blend of old and new buildings filled with incredible architecture. Many photogenic places can be found all around Hong Kong. Here are some of Hong Kong’s best spots and photographic gems.

Choi Hung Estate

This Estate is known for its colourful buildings, the ‘Rainbow Estate’. It’s vibrant multi-coloured facades make for a delightful palette of hues and a lovely backdrop. A lovely backdrop of 8 different amazing pastel colours.

To get a glimpse of the colourful buildings head to the roof of the parking garage where you’ll find the colourful playground with basketball courts. Choi Hung Estate has become such a popular instagram spot you will probably find other photographers there too.

Location tip: Choi Hung MTR Station take Exit C4, the structure is on top of the car park.

Photography tip: Use a wide lens to capture the array of colourful buildings.

Lok Wah South Estate, Hong Kong

Lok Wah South Estate

If Blue is your favourite colour! This hidden instagram spot is for you. Here you can find some unique turquoise-coloured concentric circles. Found on top of a car park, it’s an interesting backdrop with the illusion of infinite loops. It makes for a fun and playful shoot. There’s also a pink wall nearby, I missed it the when I came here initially.

Location tip: Located in Ngau Tau Kok, approx 30min walk from the station. (This place is quite hard to get to so plan accordingly.)

Photography tip: There are two levels, go to the next level if the first one is occupied.

Montane Mansion, Hong Kong
Montane Mansion, Hong Kong

Montane Mansion

One of the popular and iconic spots in Quarry Bay is the Montane Mansion estate. It perfectly captures the city’s dense buildings, matchbox units of this concrete jungle. A must-visit instagran spot on while in Hong Kong.

Location tip: Either Quarry Bay Station and Tai Koo Station are both close to Montane Mansion, then a 5-10 minute walk from the station.

Photography tip: Depending on your style of photography, late afternoon shots are best. Have fun with the different shots and angles.

Remember to be respectful in residential estates.

There are many more places in Hong Kong to start exploring! Many instagamable places like dragon’s back, The peak…the list is endless. Stay tuned for more! For harbour views check out Harbour City observation deck.

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